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Architecture- Thiruvidaimaruthur
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Temples Pancha Krosha Sthalam Thiruvidaimaruthur Architecture
Architecture of Mahalinga swamy Temple
The temple faces east. It has five circumambulatory paths ( prakara ) and each one is for some specific purpose.

1. Aswametha prakara {(to get prosperity- to get redress from mental disorders by circumambulating the Prakara 7 rounds ,12 rounds, and 24 rounds for a Mandala (48 days), half a Mandala (24 days) and quarter of a Mandala (12 days) by worshipping Vinayaka before starting)}

2 . Kodumudi Prakara (it is equal to circumambulating Mount Kailas)

3. Omkara Prakara (Pranava, the mystic sound is heard here)

4. There is a prakara in the Ambal shrine.

5. The 5 th prakara is in the innerside of the Ambal shrine.

The pillars of Vembadi kumarar shrine possess pillars of artistic merit. There are four Vinayaka temples on the four corners of the four Car streets (broad streets for temple car procession – Ther veedhi ). There is also a Vinayaka shrine in the Theradi (resting or halting place of the Ther). Viswanatha shrine (east), Rishipureeswara (west), Aatmanatha shrine (south), and Chokkanatha shrine (north) are situated on the four directions. Agora veerabadra shrine (in the entrance of north Gopura), Kumara shrine (in the entrance of the west Gopura), Padithurai Vinayaka and Pattinathar (east Gopura), Badragiriyar ( in the entrance of west Gopura) are some of the temples. There are 5 Rajagopuras.

Gopuram view and Architecture of the temple

Temples Pancha Krosha Sthalam Thiruvidaimaruthur Architecture
Architecture of Mahalinga swamy Temple

There are 159 inscriptions. One of the inscriptions states that there was a theatre for enacting Dramas ( Natakasala ) and the artist received 1 veli (approximately 3 acre) as a gift for developing the art. Aryakoothu and Chakkaikoothu were enacted during festivals. Mud pots were used to bring water from Cauvery for Thirumanjanam ( abhiseka ). The temple was a centre for fostering fine arts.

Special features of the temple :

It is a Mahalinga sthala (Big Linga shrine) and also one of the Jothilinga sthala.

  • There is a popular saying which states, ‘Thiruvidaimarudur Theralagu' (the streets of Thiruvidaimarudur are very broad and beautiful).
  • If there is no rain in the country an oblation is performed to Lord Chokkanatha and hymns in Mega raga Kurunji recited, clouds burst and rain follows.
  • Aanda vinayaka is the sthalavinayaka of the temple.
  • There is a special measure called ‘ Thiruvidaimaruduran ' to measure paddy etc.
  • There are no Dwarapalakas to this temple.
  • There is a big stucco Nandi adjacent to Kodimaram.
  • Kattunda Kannan , a vaishnavite deity that was worshipped by Kasipa (a Rishi) is found under the sthalavrutsha even today in the Pranava Prakara.
  • There is an endowment named Picchai Kattali estabalished by Adhitya Picchai .
  • The temple has a very good collection of books and many of them are published.
  • This is the Kshetra noted for the amelioration and complete relief from Brahmahathi dosha, Chandra dosha and Natchatra dosha.
  • Sridhara Ayyaval of Thiruvisainallur, the great exponent of Jnana Bhakti, way of Philosophical mysticism, was a great devotee of Sri Mahalingeswaraswamy.
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