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Architecture- Thiruvidaimaruthur
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Architecture of Mahalinga swamy Temple

There are 159 inscriptions. One of the inscriptions states that there was a theatre for enacting Dramas ( Natakasala ) and the artist received 1 veli (approximately 3 acre) as a gift for developing the art. Aryakoothu and Chakkaikoothu were enacted during festivals. Mud pots were used to bring water from Cauvery for Thirumanjanam ( abhiseka ). The temple was a centre for fostering fine arts.

Special features of the temple :

It is a Mahalinga sthala (Big Linga shrine) and also one of the Jothilinga sthala.

  • There is a popular saying which states, ‘Thiruvidaimarudur Theralagu' (the streets of Thiruvidaimarudur are very broad and beautiful).
  • If there is no rain in the country an oblation is performed to Lord Chokkanatha and hymns in Mega raga Kurunji recited, clouds burst and rain follows.
  • Aanda vinayaka is the sthalavinayaka of the temple.
  • There is a special measure called ‘ Thiruvidaimaruduran ' to measure paddy etc.
  • There are no Dwarapalakas to this temple.
  • There is a big stucco Nandi adjacent to Kodimaram.
  • Kattunda Kannan , a vaishnavite deity that was worshipped by Kasipa (a Rishi) is found under the sthalavrutsha even today in the Pranava Prakara.
  • There is an endowment named Picchai Kattali estabalished by Adhitya Picchai .
  • The temple has a very good collection of books and many of them are published.
  • This is the Kshetra noted for the amelioration and complete relief from Brahmahathi dosha, Chandra dosha and Natchatra dosha.
  • Sridhara Ayyaval of Thiruvisainallur, the great exponent of Jnana Bhakti, way of Philosophical mysticism, was a great devotee of Sri Mahalingeswaraswamy.

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