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History of Mahalinga swamy Temple
There are 3 temples having Maruda tree (anjanam) as their Sthala vrutshas. They are:
Name Place
1.Malligarjuna (Thalai-top)  Sri Sailam,Andhra
2.Madhyarjuna (Idai-middle)  Idaimarudur,Kumbakonam,Thanjavur (Dt)
3.Sputarjuna (kadai-end)  Thiruppudaimarudur,Ambasamudram,Thirunelvelli(Dt)

This place is named as Idaimarudur as it is in between Srisailam and Ambasamudram . It is also called Shanbagaranya, Saktipura, Tapovana, Muktipura etc. The presiding Deity is Mahalinga (Great Linga) because Siva worshipped Himself. Her consort is Perunalamamulaiammai . She is Bruhatsundara Gujamabika . In her Shrine is a cell facing north. This is the temple of Mookaambika (in North Indian style). The Goddess is in the pose of doing penance. She is mentioned as Pidari Parameeswari in inscripitions. There are many Lingas in the Shrine. Agasthiya Linga, Kasyapa Linga, Chola Linga , Chera Linga , Sahasara Linga , Panchabhuta Linga , a cluster of 27 Lingas behind Chokkanatha are some.

Varaguna Pandia II and Brahmahathi :

Brahmahathi (Hathi- sin caused by a murder - Brahminicide) is found in the south wall (south torana vayil) with head disheveled and face immersed betwixt the knees. Varaguna Pandiya's horse accidentally crushed a Brahmin and killed him. The sin followed wherever he went. The king came to this temple. The Brahmahathi could not enter and waited outside. The king went out by another entrance. The Brahmahathi is waiting outside still. The king was relieved of his melody. People inflicted with mental disorders go round the circumambulatory path and get redress.


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