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Sri Bhoovaraha Swamy temple,Srimushnam

The ancient Bhoovaraha Swamy temple in Srimushnam, under the control of HR & CE Department. The temple, which is one of the eight swayambu kshetrams- a  list that includes Srirangam, Thirupati and Vanamaamalai-in its current  from and structure is believed to have been constructed by four Nayak kings-Achuthappa,Ananthappa,Govindappa and Kondappa Nayak.

       Legend has it that Lord Vishnu created the pushkarani with the sweat emanating from his body after his battle with Hiranyakshan. As his last wish on the death bed, Hiranyakshan requested the lord to turn towards his direction.Hence Bhoovaraha’s face  is seen turned towards the south in the direction of the  asura, while the body bearing a human shape is facing West, in the direction of the devotees.The lord here is in the form of a small idol signifying the Varaha Avatar.


Sri  Boovarahaswamy temple, Srimushnam, incidentally, is a prarthana sthalam for childless couples. Women, who take bath in the sacred temple tank and recite the Varaha Kavacham are said to be blessed with progeny. This is also a prarthana sthalam for unmarried people who on offering their prayers to saptha Kannigal are said to find their match immediately.The principal deity is also believed to help devotees with the purchase of house and car.

Travel Information: From Kumbakonam via Jayamkondam-Andimadam-Srimushnam
Contact : C.Subramaniyan Gurukkal - 9442832905
 courtesy to Hindu dt.November 2013
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