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History and Architecture of Kambaharesvarar Temple

Kambaharesvarar Temple was built by the king Kulothunga III (1179 AD - 1216 AD). chera chola pandya - completion of temple.


There are two gopurams and two praharam. the karpagraham, artha mandapam, maha mandapam and muha mandapam and Somaskandar mandapam.

The Karpagraham is the shape of square. It's both sides having Karnathuvara steps. Dhakshinamoorthy, Lingothbhavar and Bramma reside on the wall of Sri vimana.

There are six base of Srivimana. One can see sculptures of the scenes of Puranas on the wall of Srivimana. Some of other shrines in the temple are - Murugan, Dharmasamvardhini amman, Sarabar and many more shrines.

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