" Thiruvisanallur SridharaIyaval Mutt

Thiruvisanallur SridharaIyaval

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Sreedhara Ayyaval Mutt   

History: It is said that the ganges springs in the well in the mutt is said that sridhara Ayyaval,who lived in Thiruvisanallur 300 years ago ,gave the food cooked in his house for "thitti"of his father to a poor man who come to his house before giving the thithi.The sastrigal who came to perform the thithi said it was sin and hence Sreedhara Ayyaval should take a holy dip in theGanges and then only thithi could be performed.  An Ayyaval was thinking that it would take three months to reach Kasi and take bath in the Ganges,he rendered Gangastham manthra. The Ganges, it is believed sprang from the well in his house and flooded Thiruvisanallur.Later,Ayyaval asked the Ganges to confine herself to the well.This is believed to have happened on Karthigai Amavasya.So on this day,people come in large numbers and take a holy dip in the well.It is 6km from kumbakonam.

Mutt Entrance
Mutt Entrance
Sridhara Iyaval
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