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History of Petti Kali Amman

It is one of the ‘Panchakrosha Sthalas’ on the banks of the river Cauvery. The presiding Murti (Deity) is ‘Sundareswara’ (as He was praised by the Devas, Sundara and Logasundara) and His consort is ‘Abirami’. Sundaramurtinayanar praised the Lord by singing beautiful psalms. There is a portion about the temple in the name ‘Koranattukkarupur Kshetra Mahimai’ (glory of the temple) in Adhikumbeswara Kshetra Ula written by Vidvan Meenakshi Sundaram.


Brahma, installed a Sivalinga in a dense forest (Vana) containing Pathiri trees (hence the name Padalavanam) and worshipped the Lord daily. He was blessed with Jnana Upedesa (initiation into the mysteries of Wisdom) by the Lord. It is called Koranattukkarupur at present. Agasthiyar, Vakkilliyar, Kanva and other sages worshipped the Deity. Indra came with his vehicle (Vahana)- Airavatha (white color elephant) and worshipped the Deity. He got deliverance from curse on a Full Moon Day of Chithirai (Tamil calender month). Hence the Bramotsava has been celebrated nowadays.

Temple (Holy) tree:Pathiri tree
Sacred Tank (Theertham): Brahma Theertham
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