" Thirupugalur Karuntharkulali Amman
Temples Around Kumbakonam Thirupugalur (a) Vasthu Temple Karuntharkulali/ Suligambal Amman

Karuntharkulali/ Suligambal Amman

About the significance of the goddess Karuntarkulai amman, once the goddess herself attended and took care of pregnancy for a poor woman and since then the goddess was called Suligambal. Even today there is no occurrence of death during pregnancy in this surroundings it seems. The residents believe this is due to the grace of goddess Suligambal. There is another peculiar custom practiced in this temple, those who are getting their marriage delayed can provide a white saree to goddess for the Sayaretcha (evening) pooja.


Another significance of the temple is there are 3 Shiva linga representing past, present and future periods of time. This is the one and only place where these 3 Lingas are present. The Present period Linga is called Vardhamaneeswarar, the Past period Linga is called Bootheshwarar, and the Future period Linga is called Bavitsheshvarar. If one worship these 3 Shiva lingas, all doshas and sins one has done in the past incarnations are relieved and gain all the good health and wealth in present and future periods.

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