" Thirupugalur Theertham
Temples Around Kumbakonam Thirupugalur (a) Vasthu Temple Theertham


The Agali (Trench surrounded by water) is known as Agni Theertham or Bana Theertham. Once upon a time there was a Suran (Arakkan) named Banasuran, his mother was a great devotee of Lord Shiva, in order to please his mother Banasuran brings a Shiva Linga from Earth for his mothers daily pooja, this was happening for very long time. Once Banasuran came to Thirupugalur and tried to lift the Shiva Linga to take to his mother, he was unable to take the Linga, he tried shaking it, no use. He tried digging the bottom, - no use. Then he tried to lift the whole temple by digging around the temple then also he can’t lift the Shiva Linga and then relealized the power of Shiva and went into the temple and worshiped the Lord. He also requested to the Lord that the trench he digged should remain and the water that came out should remain as a Theertham (holy tank) to this temple and hence Agali tank gained the name BanaTheertham . Later when Agni bagawan came to cleanse the curse he took bath in this Theertham and performed the pooja to the God and hence it gained another name a Agni Theertham. The main deity is also called as Agneeshwarar, Agnipuresar as Agni bagawan worshiped the God. The other names are Saranya purisar, Punnagavana nathar and Konabiran.

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