" Thirupugalur Mythology
Temples Around Kumbakonam Thirupugalur (a) Vasthu Temple Mythology


Once upon a time there was big fight between Agni devan and Vayu devan. The ego clash between the 2 gods was so furious and they debated that who is big in power. Agni devan said “I can turn anybody or anything to ashes if they oppose me”, “I can blow a mountain with my powers”. On hearing this Vayu devan replied, “after all you are my son, I am one of the 5 fundamental elements (air, water, space, earth, metal) you are derived from me” and cursed Agni devan “due to your ego get lost”. Since Agni devan was cursed he lost is powers. Fathers curse is very powerful. Agni went to his Guru Venus (Sukkiran) to get advice on how to get relieved from his father Vayu devan’s curse.

Guru Sukkiran advised Agni to go to a place called Punngavanam (a forest) in Chola kingdom of South India and dig a big trench on the foursides of the Linga and worship the Shiva by performing poojas and japas (repeating the holy name of shiva). “If you do this no curse will ever affect you and you can regain your lost powers once the Konabirans mercy falls upon you. Agni started immediately to Thirupugalur and found the Shiva Linga in Suyambu form ( formed naturally from earth or not made by man ) and started worshipping as per his guru’s guidance. On seeing the Agni’s sincere devotion the Lord Konabiran got mercy and appeared before Agni and blessed him and asked what he needs. Agni worshipped the Lord by falling in his lotus feets and requested Him, He should stay in the same place so that other human beings living in the earth can also see him and get his endless bliss. At the same time Agni prayed Oh! Lord!, bless me with a boon, “What ever I eat or what ever I touch, my purity should not get lost and I should always remain in my purest form free from impurities, I am fire and no impurities should ever mix in me”. The greatest of all mercy the Lord Konabiran agreed that he will seat here at Thirupugalur for ever and bless every body and also blessed Agni to regain his powers and perform his duties and as he wished he will become pure and named Agni bagawan as Punithan Holy (one without impurities).


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