" Navagraha Tour in a single day
Navagraha Tour in a single day
**Note: If you are travelling with aged people or children one day trip will be hectic
so plan for two days or three days.
Follow these steps (1 to 9)  to plan your trip
1. Thingaloor

Thingaloor chandran towards Thiruvaiaru  start at 5:30 AM from kumbakonam if Thanjavur start @ 6:30 AM Papanasam, Iyampettai take right to Ganapathy Agraharam, take left towards Thiruvaiyaru 5 km,  turn right at 2 second arch - 2 kms after arch to reach temple. driving time 1:15 mins - 30 kms temple opens at 7:00 AM spend 30 mins start at 7:30 AM back to Kumbakonam.

2. Alangudi

Breakfast @ kumbakonam  at 9:00 AM - 30 mins Start to Alangudi (Guru)  Towards Mannargudi 30 mins, 18 kms drive see temple arch left - 2 kms inside  reach temple by 10 AM.    Finish darshan within 30 mins. Return back to Kumbakonam turn right on Karaikal road before Fly over Bridge - 15 mins drive.

3. Thirunageshwaram

Reach Thirunageshwaram - Raghu sthalam by 11:15 AM , big temple it will take 30 mins for dharshan.

4. Suriyanar kovil

At 11:45 start towards Ammachatram, shortcut route via Thepparumalanallur Road 2kms  drive. Right turn on Mayiladuthurai road drive 10 km to Aduthurai, cross Cauvery bridge turn left drive 3 kms to reach Sun (suriynar kovil temple), total 15 kms drive in 30 mins. Reach temple by 12:15 PM, spend 30 mins at temple. Start at 12:45 PM to Sukkiran - Kanjanoor temple.

5. Kanjanoor

To reach sukkiran  temple  kanjanoor  7kms drive in 10 mins reach temple by 12:55 PM, temple will close by 1:15 PM., so each before that. Dharshan time 10 mins.

6. Vaitheeswaran koil

All Temples close time 1:15 PM to 4 PM.  Travel towards Mayiladuthurai 28 kms drive in 45 mins and finish your Lunch. Start to Vaitheeswaran temple- Mars (sevvai) at 2:30 PM drive 15 kms travel towards Chidambaram. Reach temple by 3:30 PM or 3:45 PM, temple opens at 4:00 PM. finish darshan by 4:30 PM.

7. Thiruvenkadu

Start towards Thiruvenkadu (Bhudan) - 5 kms before Chidambaram  use bypass - turn right towards Kariakal road, on Poompuhar road intersection turn left drive towards Poombuhar   drive 4 kms turn left 3 kms to reach Thiruvenkadu (Bhudan) reach temple by 5:15 PM, 45 mins drive. Dharshan 30 mins.

8. Kelaperumpallam

Return and catch the Poombuhar main road turn left drive 8 kms just 2 kms before Poombuhar  turn right and reach Kethu temple - Kelaperumpallam.Drive time 30 mins, reach temple by 6:15 PM, dharshan time 30 mins.

9. Thirunallaru

Start at 6:45 PM reach Poombuhar - karaikal road intersection at 7:15 PM. take left towards Karaikal , drive 28 kms via Thirukadaiyur, Tharanganbadi, straight road towards karaikal,  drive time 45 mins, reach karaikal by 8 PM, drive towards Kumbakonam road 5 kms to reach Thirunallaru saturn - Sani temple by 8:15 PM, dharshan 45 min.




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