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 Bramman Temple
Special Features of the temple:
     Bramman temple, also known as Shri Vedanarayana Perumal. The prime deities in this temple are Shri Bramman, Shri Vedhanaraya Perumal, Shri Narasimha moorthy, Elumalayaan Srinivasa Perumal and Shri Aandaal.

Lord Brahmma with His consorts Mother Saraswathi and Mother Gayatri in a standing posture seeking the blessings of Lord Vedanarayana Perumal, the second for Lord Veda Narayanaperumal accompanied by His consorts Mothers Sridevi and Bhoodevi and the third is for Lord Yoga Narasimha with His two consorts. Thus, the devotee can have the darshan of three Lords in the temple.

Maindeity of Bramman Temple
Shri Vedhanarayana Perumal (Bramman Temple) Deities
Shri Bramman   Shri Vedhanarayana Perumal
Shri Narasimha Moorthy
Elumalayaan Srinivasa Perumal   Shri Aandaal
Shri Varadharaja Perumal Temple Deities
Gopuram View of Bramman Temple
Front view of Shri Vedanarayana perumal temple     Gopuram view of Bramma, Vedanarayana (Main deity), Narasimha and Aandaal Shrines
View of Main deity and Bramma shrine gopurams     View of Main deity and Narasimha shrine gopurams
View of Main deity and Bramma shrine gopurams
View of Bramman Gopuram and Main deity gopuram (from right)     Gopuram view of Vedanaraya Perumal (Main deity)
Gopuram view of Aandaal shrine     Gopuram view of Shri Varadharaja Perumal Temple
Varadharaja perumal gopuram, Perun Devi Thayar gopuram and Rajagopuram (from left)
Photo gallery of Bramman Temple
Shri Vedhanaraya Perumal Temple photo
alt alt alt alt
alt alt alt alt
alt alt alt alt
Shri Varadharaja Perumal Temple photos
alt alt alt alt
alt alt alt alt
Pooja timing for Bramman Temple
Pooja and Time for both the temple
Pooja Time Pooja & Time in Tamil
1. Vishvarupam 08.15 am alt
2. Kaalai Sandhi 09.30 am
3. Utchi Kaalam 11.30 am
4. Nithyanu Santhanam 06.30 pm
5. Aarathanam 07.30 pm
6. Artha Jamam 09.00 pm
Travel Information
The temple is behind the Ramaswami temple.To get the temple first you reach Ramaswami temple. Behind the temple find the Thirumailai Nambi Street, from the street you can reach the Birman Temple.


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