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Kabhisthalam - Sri Gajaendra Varadha Raja Perumal

Moolavar:The Moolavar of this temple is Sri Gajendra Varadhan. Moolavar in Kidantha Kolam in Bhujanga sayanam facing East direction. Prathyaksham for Anjaneyar and as Bhaktha Elephant for Gajendran.

Thayaar : Ramamani Valli (Potramaraiyaal).

Pushkarani: Gajendra Pushkarani,Kabila Theertham.

History: "Kabi" means monkey since Aanjaneyar was given the seva of Sriman Narayanan, this Sthalam is called as "Kabishthalam".Gajendram, which takes the Lotus flower from the pond and does the daily pooja here for the God.One day his leg was caught by the crocodile,At the final stage when Gajendran felt that it is impossible to get put his legs from the mouth of crocodile, he raised his trunk along the sky and asked for Sriman Narayanan's help.At that time emperuman gave his presence there and helped him out to get out of Crocodile mouth.This shetram is also called as "Krishnaranya Shetram" because the emperuman showed his seva as "Kannan" in the river side.

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