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The Moolavar of this temple is Sri Valvil Raman. Moolavar in Kidantha kolam in Bujanga Sayanam facing East direction. Prathyaksham for Chakravarthy Thirumangan Ramar and Raja Kruthra. Utsava Moorthy gives seva Valvil Raman has four hands (Chathur Bhujan) along with Sangu and Chakram.
Potramaraiyaal (Hemambujavalli). She has her own seperate sannadhi.
Since, the Lord does the final ceremony for Jadaayu, and after finishing the ceremony, he takes rest. So this shetram is called as "Pullam Kudi". Kudi means the place of staying in Tamil.
Travel Information:
This divyadesam is situated in Tanjore district Tamil Nadu. 3 miles away from Swami Malai.
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