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Temples Around Kumbakonam Papanasam-Palaivananathar
Papanasam - Thirupalaithurai - Palaivananathar Temple
Gopuram view of palvananathar

Lord Sri Rama who visited and performed Pooja at 108 Shivalaya temple at Panasam also visited Thirupalaithurai - Palaivananathar temple and worshiped the deity Lord Shiva and hence the name of the main deity at Palaivananathar temple is called "Rama Lingam".

Lord Rama also placed his Bow and Arrow on the base of Vanni Tree on a Vijaya Dshami day and performed Shiva pooja and prayed for gaining victory. It was believed that worshipping the Lord Palaivananathar and the Vanni tree on the Tamil month of Puratasi relives one's sin during this birth and the previous births. In practice Pilgrims and devotees worshipping 108 Shivalayam also visit and worship Palaivananathar temple.

Granary in Thirupalaithurai
3000 kalam a measuring unit in Tamil Nadu granary
3000 kalam a measuring unit in Tamil Nadu granary
Granary Information
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