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Palani Dandayudhapani Swamy

Palani Murugan (Golden Chariot)

The temple was constructed in the period of Chera Kings rule of South Kongu Nadu. In the epigraphs found in the Karpagraham dated 13th century it is known that Pandiyan Kings, Chola Kings also contibuted much for the festivals of this temple and worshiped Lord Muruga. There is also a book named Thalapuranam ( Temple History ) of 400 pages published at the Lord Muruga Worship and Tamil Cult conference which deals in detail about Palani and Murugan. The conference proceedings will be published soon. Deligates from various part of the world participated in the conference and presented papers about Palani and Murugan.

avinankudi Temples

Avinankudi Temples

Of the six abodes of Lord Murugan, Aavinankudi is considered as the third abode. Here Murugan appears in the form of a child. Thiru Murugatruppadai a book which praises Lord Murugan and his six abodes deals about Aavinankudi in a very elaborate manner.This Aavinankudi is considered as the place where from Lord Murugan solved the problems of other Gods. During Sangam period kings of Aavi community ruled Palani and it surrounding area, and hence the name Aavinankudi came into existence. There is also another saying that Boomi Devi(Thiru), Kamadhenu(Aa), Sun(Vi) and Agini(Enan) ( God of Fire ), once came to this palce to worship Lord Murugan and hence the name of Thiru Aavinankudi came into existence.In Aavinankudi temple the stone idols of Boomi Devi, Kamadhenu, Sun and Agini are worshiped. Also in the books Palani Thalapuranam, Palani Thiruvaram, Kandha Sasti Kavasam, and in Kandha puranam the greatness of this holy place is found in many songs. The famous Arunagiri Nathar in his ThiruPuzhal has written 13 songs about Aavinankudi Murugan.

Edumban Temple

Edumban Temple

After hearing the news that his student Sura Badhman was killed in the war between Lord Murugan and him, Edumban the Asura Guru (tutor) of Sura Badhman was very much upset. Edumban on getting the advice of Agasthiar, started moving the two holy hills from North direction to get Mukthi (liberation from birth-death cycle). These holy hills are named as Shiva Giri and Sakthi Giri abode of Lord Shiva, Sakthi, Ganesh, and Murugan. Edumban used Bhrama Thandam as the beam to carry the two hills and used Snake as the rope to tie the two hills to the beam. The stone sculpture of Edumban carrying the two hills is found in Aavinankudi Temple at Palani.

Periyanayagi Amman Temple

Periya Nayagi Amman

Periya Nayagi Amman temple is one of the important temples in Palani. It is one of the sub temples of Dhandayuthapani Swamy devastanam. During festivals season many people visit the temple.

Kurunji Andavar Temple

Kurunji Andavar Temple

Temple History The name of this temple is SRI KURINJI EASWARE TEMPLE, Kurinji is the name of a flower which blossomes once in 12 years in the Kodaikonal hills. Taking this flower's name the deity here is called "SRI KURINJI EASWARE", In fact He is Lord Murugan. This temple was built in 1936 by an European Lady, who on coming to India, got faith on Hindu religion and started following it. She changed her name as Leelavathi married Mr. Ramanathan. She is also known as Lady Ramanathan. This temple is under the management of Arulmighu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Thiru Kovil, Palani. Kurinji Flower Kurinji Flower blossoms once in 12 years is a rare tree and is seen on the temple. The last blossom was on the year 1994 and the next blossom in on 2006. The Kurinji tree, the photograph of the kurinji flower and the leaves are shown below.

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