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Kadamba Malar
Agni Natchattram Festival

Agni Natchattram Festival is held during the peak period of Summer at Palani. During this season May-June, a rare flower named Kadamba (in tamil) blossoms around the foothills of Palani Hills. Special poojas were performed during this festival to Palani Murugan ( Dhandayuthapani Swamy) through out this period. Kadamba flower is considered to posses medicinal value which has unique aroma and it is very good for health. Piligrims and locals wearing the Kadamba flower on their hair circumvent the holy Palani Hill (Giri Valam) in the early morning while the Kadamba flower blossoms. This practise of celebrating the festival with the association of the medically significant Kadamaba flower shows that the todays Aroma Therapy was a known art in South India. Saint Arunagiri Nathar has mentioned in his great work ThiruPugal that the Kadamba flower is the foremost flower to offer for Muruga worship.


Various stages of blossom
Kadamba tree
Kadamba trees found on the foothill of Palani Hill.

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