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Thai Poosam - 2000
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Thai Poosam
  • People arrving Palani by walking all long the way. This is known as "Paadha Yathirai" - means "Holy walk". Chain of people reaching Palani from all the direction. Usually people around 250Km perform this Holy walk. People arrive Palani starting from 10 days before Thai Poosam festival. Buses were diverted from the roads reaching Palani inorder to facilitate the piligrims.
  • While walking people chat, listen to walkman ( listening Bajans ), groups singing Bajans, etc.,, Usually people carry their homemade food on their head.  The piligrims wear green or saffron  or yellow color clothes. Small shops sell drinking water and snacks became usual bussiness during Thai Poosam festival.
  • Piligrims taking rest on the sides of the road sheilding the sunlight using the Kavadi.
  • Piligrims approaching Edumban Malai.
  • Piligrims on Edumban Malai foothills.
  • Piligrims on arriving Edumban Malai served with food packets by Palani Devasthanam
  • After having food Piligrims take bath at the Edumban Lake
  • Wonderfull Panoramic view of Edumban Lake, Western Ghats mountains forms background  layers to the scene. The Lotus leaves floating on the Edumban lake gives the depth of the scene.
  • After taking bath at the Edumban Lake piligrims visit the temple at the foothills of Edumban Malai.
  • Man offering "Chadur Theangai" - (Break the coconut in such a way that shatter into pieces)
  • After the worship , the piligrims are ready to start to Palani Malai to see Dhandayuthapani ( Lord Murugan ).

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