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Panguni Uttram 2002
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Panguni Uttram 2002

Lord Muruga the saver of Devas, who after getting victory over the horse faced Asura, on the Panguni Uttram day marries Devayanai the daughther of Lord Indaran. At Palani the Panguni Uttram festival is celebrated for 10 days.

The Kodi Eatram (Holy flag hosting - depicting the start of holy festival ) at Aavinankudi temple inaugurates the 10 day Panguni Uttram festival.. After the Kodi Eatram the whole Palani city gets into festive mood with thousands of devotees arriving to Palani by various means. The Arulmighu Dhandayuthapani swamy temple devastanam arranges various religious and spiritual activities including discourse, and musical concerts by popular artistes. In short, during these 10 days one is immersed in the spiritual sea of feeling.

Devotees of Kongu Nadu, fetch Theertham (Holy Water) from a place called Kodumudi near Karur where the Cavery River flows broadest in its length. The Holy Cavery water is carried on a narrow shaped vessel called ( Kudam in tamil) on the heads of the devotee and they reach Palani by walk, this walk is called Paatha Yathra (Holy walk). The Theertham is offered to Lord Murugan for Abishegam.

Devotees carrying Theertham (Holy water) from Kodumudi arriving Palani Dhandayuthapani swamy hill temple Palani.
Various Kavadies arriving Palani temple - Pal Kavadi, Paneer Kavadi, Theertha Kavadi, Sakkarai Kavadi, etc.,
Deevotees arriving with Alagu

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