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Paadha Vinayagar Temple
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Paadha Vinayagar Temple
Ways to Temple
There are 4 ways on the hill to reach the Palani Murugan temple. The 3 ways are mentioned below, the 4th way is not widely used by public. It is known as Theertha Pathai - Theertham for Abishegam is brought through this way.
  • Steps Route
  • Elephant Path
  • Winch Facility
  • Rope Car
    Paadha Vinayagar Temple

    At the starting of the steps route there is a temple for Lord Ganesh ( also known as Vinayagar ). Since this Vinayagar is at the steps, He is known as Paadha Vinayagar ( Vinayagar at steps ).
    After worshiping the Paadha Vinayagar one starts for climbing the hill through the steps route. The steps route is a scenic route and on the way there is a small temple for Edumban. On the steps there are lot of small Mandabams - people going through the steps route take rest in these Mandabams while climbing the hill. On the entrance of the steps route the Giant Peacock stone idol is seen.

    There are exactly 697 steps. While climbing the hill gentle breeze and the scenic beauty of western ghats make one feel less tired of the climbing.

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