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Photo Gallery of Edumban Temple
This Edumban temple can be reached by the steps. The Edumban Hill is slightly samller than Palani Hill. From Edumban Hill we get a good view of Palani Hill and the Palani City.
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  • Some Piligrims visit Edumban Malai also on their way to Palani Malai.
  • Step way to Edumban Malai, there is only one way. Beautiful view of Palani town appears as we ascend the Edumban Malai top.
  • The edumban Temple at the top of Edumban Malai.
  • Edumban carrying the two hills Sathi giri and Shiva Giri is seen on the Scantum.
  • Approximately 20 feet Edumban Idol made up of rock is the deity of this temple.

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