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Sree Agastheeswaraswamy
Sri Akilandeswari - Karuvalarthanayagi
Sree Agastheeswaraswamy Sri Akilandeswari - karuvalarthanayagi
Main Deity - Lord Shiva Agastheeswara
Goddess - Mother Sri Akilandeswari
Karu Valarkum Nayaki - The Godess Who Blesses the Foetus with Growth
History :  Mother Sri Akilandeswari here is known as ' Karu Valarkkum Nayagi' – the Goddess who blesses the foetus with growth, in  other words "The Universal Mother". The godess in this temple gives the blessing to the development of the foetus.
The God is in suyambhu form i.e., formed by self, and it is in the form of Puttru, which is powerful. Those who pray for child go to this temple and the prayer is in the form of cleaning the steps with pure ghee and put a kolam and pray the goddess. There is no abhishekam performed for the amman, only oil abhishekam is performed. On regular days one can darshan amman's  face only, the full darshan of the amman happens only on Sivarathri day and Navarathri (9 days) in a year. All archanas (Poojas) are  done only to the moola sri chakra maha meru and sri chakram.
Near By temple : 
Thirkarukaur is another important and related temple, it is reachable via Papanasam. The goddess of this temple is Mother 'GarbhaRakshambika' i.e., 'Karu Kaakkum Nayaki' in tamil language means the Goddess who protects the foetus.  Thus pregnant women get the blessing of 'growth' at one sacred temple and the blessing for 'protection' at the other temple. It is recommended to couples who are planning for pregnancy or praying for baby should visit these temples near Kumbakonam for the blessings of the goddess. Those who could not visit these temple even if they think about these temples and pray from their heart, the goddess - Universal mother showers her blessing her children (i.,e we) in any part of the world.
Travel information :   Karuvalarcheri is near Kumbakonam. To reach this temple travel from Kumbakonam via Valangaiman – Mannargudi route on 12 km distance a small junction named Marudhanallur take right and travel 1 km to Karuvalarcheri. The temple priest stays near by, he will be happy to serve you. 
phone: 0435 - 2000538. Cell : 9344895538
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