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Sri Vembadi Seethaladevi Mariamman temple - Valangaiman
 (Paadaikatti Mariamman) 
 Valangaiman is one of the first sakthi sthalam in Valangaiman. Sakthi is   formed as suyambu under the neem tree before 300 years. "Seethalam" means cool and the neem leaves controls the chicken pox so the amman named as "Seethaldevi". Devotees here follow a strange custom of prayer commitment by doing a ritual with "Paadai" – generally used for carrying a dead body as per Hindu religion.
  The most important prayer commitment in the temple is the Paadai Kavadi – a ladder horizontally placed and decorated for carrying a dead body. The person is placed on this and carried as a corpse. The releated family member with all devotion will carry the fire pot and family members accompany with them. Deepest phychological impact who is performing this ritual lying on the" paddai." Paadai festival is celebrated in the month of Panguni. Sick people pray to Amman that they would offer the Padai Kavadi to her after recovery from illness.The patient will be brought to the temple. The priest would spill the water on the body. The person would wake up as if from death by the grace of Amman. The belief is that Amman would not let him/her devotee die.Other shrines in this temple are Pechiamman, Irulan, Madurai Veeran and Lord Vinayaka. 
Festivals :The two months Punguni(March 15th - April 15th) and Avani (August 15th - September 15th) are very important months for festivals in this temple. In the month of Avani on every Sunday special festivals are considered for Sithala Devi. On every Sunday special Abhishekam and Araathanai are conducted for the Goddess from 7.00 p.m.
Temple timing : The temple open from 6.30 am to 1.00 p.m and again 4.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m.
Travel Information : Valangaiman is situated 10Kms from Kumbakonam via Mannargudi.
Contact information: Arulmigu Sri Vembadi Mahamariyamman temple, Valangaiman Vattam, Thiruvarur Dt.
Telephone : 91 4374-264575 , 9942946094
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