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The measurement of the temple is 800 ft (East-West) x 680 (South-North). The gopuram is small. The temple is big with Prakaras (circuits). There are four gopuras on four sides in the outermost Prakara.

Gopuram Views
Rear view of eastern Rajagopuram
Front view of west gopuram
Flag mast follows Nandi pavillion and vinayagar - Rajagopuram
Gopuram from the Mandapa
Sula Theertham (suriya pushkarani)

Sula Theertham (suriya pushkarani) - Shiva created this Theertham using the Tri-Sula (3 spike) weapon. There is a belief that dissolving Jaggery cures many diseases. It is also believed that taking holy bath for a Mandalam(48 days) cures even Leprosy also.

South west prahara joins
View of Gopuram and Vimana from the Prahara
The inner gopuram from the Rajagopuram ceilings

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