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There are 16 inscriptions.

Sculpture :

There are some ancient sculptures in the Mantapas. The horse and lion figures on the pillars, Adhikaranandi, Seikkilar,Balaravoyar,his brother and their mother, Sambandar, Appar, Sundarar, Manikkavasagar, Bairava, Nataraja, and others are very beautiful. The thousand pillared mantapa is designed like a chariot having artistic stone wheels.

Some special features:

Thirumal, Brahma, Indra, Surya, Chandra, (Devas), Gautama, Markanteya, Parasara, (saints), Nala, Bageeratha, Chandravarma, and Sambumali (Kings) worshipped and got rid of their afflictions.

There is a separate shrine to Goddess Girigujambika. Lakshimi and Saraswathi are standing on either side of Her. There is no daily Abhiseka (oblation) to the Goddess, as it is a stucco Indra was cursed by Gautama Rishi. He got deliverance by worshipping the Goddess by adorning Her with civet. From that day onwards the Goddess has been bedecked with unguent, especially civet (punugu) in a particular day once in a year.

The milk poured (Abhiseka) to Raaghu changes into light blue color.

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