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Sri Neelakandeswarar TempleThiruneelakudi
Main Deity - Manaokyanadhar as Neelakandar
Goddess - Anoopamasthini amman, Bakathapeeshtapradayini
Theertham - Pancha Vilvam with 5 petals
Sthalaviruksham - Brahma theertham as a well, Devi, Baradwaja and Markendeya theertham.
History:  After consuming the poison that came out during the churning of Thirupparkadal, Lord siva appeared here and hence the place is known as Neelakudi.Bramha worshipped the brahma linga here.Markandeya got the boon of Chiranjeevi status – total freedom from death, and so Markandeya lingam is also present. This is one of the 275 Thevara Padal Petra Sthalams. Once Navakkuarasar was chained by Samanars and thrown into the sea. Navakkuarasar sang hymns about Shiva of this place and was able to float and reach the shore.Vilva leaf is 5 in a bunch which is rare; this place is known Pancha vilvaarayana kshetra.
Travel Inofrmation:This temple is located 13 kms from east of Kumbakonam; 3 kms south of Adudhurai.
Contact: Sri Manokianathaswamy kovil, Thiruneelakudi, Thanjavur dt.
 Phone: 91-92456 19738.
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