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 Arulmigu Satchinathar Temple - Thirupurambium
Main Deity - Satchinathar
Godess - Ekasphavani
Holy Tree - Punnai
 Holy Water - Brahma Theertham
History : Here Lord Siva went to Madurai and reported as an evidence for a lady merchant in her case. Hence the name of the god is known as Satchinathar.
There is a very special deity named "Pralayam Kaatha Vinayagar" which means (pralayam - Destruction of Earth by the forces of Sea - Water), (Kaatha - Safe guard), (Vinayagar in Tamil language - Lord Ganesha Moorthy - Son of Lord Shiva). During the end of "Kreyathayuga" the Earth was destroyed by the water forces of 7 Seas. Thirupurambiam was existing from the Kreyathayuga and Lord Shiva wished to preserve this Holy place "Thirupurambiyam" and passed this holy work of preserving Thirupurambiyam to His son Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha using the powers of "Pranava Mantra" - Holy vibration "Om" controlled the forces of the 7 seas into one well and saved this holy place from "Pralaya" as per Lord Shiva. Even today one can see "The well that contained 7 Seas" in the temple premisis. Due to the "ThiruVilaiaadal" of Lord Ganesha, Thirupurambiam is famous for Lord Ganesha.
Once Lord "Varuna" (God of Water or God of Seas) made a special Ganesha using the substances from his body, like Shells, Snail hoods, Oyster shells, Sea foam, and worshipped by installing at the temple. Eversince during the "Vinayagar Chaturthi" day yearly about 100 Kgs of Honey is used for "Abishegam". To once wonder all the 100 Kgs of Honey is absorbed by the Ganesha idol and the deity shines like made of Gold on that day. Other than the Honey Abishegam on the Vinayagar Chaturthi day yearly once, no other Abishegam is performed to the idol. Large number of devotees visit on every day and special days like Chaturthi and on Vinayagay Chaturthi day.
Pooja timing: Kaalai Sandhi  - 09.00 am, Utchi Kaalam - 12.00 noon
Sayaratchai - 06.00 pm , Artha Jamam - 09.00 pm
Travel Information :  The Satchi Natha Swamy Temple is located at 7 Kms to the North of Kumbakonam at a Village named Thirupurambiyam. 3 kms from swamimalai.
Contact :   Arulmigu Satchinathar Alayam,Thirupurambiyam,
Thirupurambiyam( P.O),Kumbakonam (Taluk),Thanjavur (Dt),TN
Phone : 0435 2459519,9444626632,
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