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Thenupuriswarar Temple (Durgambikai Sthalam)
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History: The presiding Deity at this temple is Thenupuriswarar and his consort is Gyaniambigai.The place derives its name Patteeswaram from the worship of a 'Patti Kandru' -cow calf that made a sand Shivalainga and worshipped here.Lord is Patteeswarar.
Once, Thirugnaana Sambandar came walking down to Patteeswaram to have the dharshan of Lord Shiva. As it was hot summer, he was finding it difficult with scorching heat. Lord Shiva, realizing Sambandar’s pain, ordered his Bhoodha Ganas to hold a Muthu Pandhal (Umbrella woven with pearls) along the way to the temple, so that Sambandar can walk in the shadow. Lord asked Nandhi to move to enable Him to see Sambandar coming to the shrine with the Muthu Pandal.The temple is incarnated by the hymns of Tirugnana Sambandar and is classified as Paadal Petra Sthalam.
Sri Rama was relieved of Sayagathi dosha for killing Vaali.Sage Viswamitra was admitted in the company of Brahma rishis with the backing of Gayatri Mahamantra in this place.Markandeya worshipped here.
It is said that the Cholas before taking any decision or before any battle, worshipped Goddess Durga here and proceeded. Mother Durga in the temple is praised as Vishnu Durga, Durga Lakshmi, Nava Shakti Nayaki, Navaratna Nayaki, Navayoga Nayaki, Navagraha Nayaki and Navarathri Nayaki.Devotees pray to Lord Patteeswara for relief from worries and for mental peace, job opportunities, progress in trade and promotions in jobs.
Festivals : The most important festival of the temple is the Muthu Pandal (Pearl Tent) event in the month of Aani-June-July. This is a festival remembering the event of Lord Shiva offering this Pandal to Saint Gnanasambandar through His Bhooda Ganas. It is almost a spiritual drama showing the mercy of Lord to the child saint.
Travel Information : The temple is on the Kumbakonam-Dharasuram route. Bus facility is available from Kumbakonam.
Contact : Sri Thenupureeswarar Temple, Tiru Patteeswaram, Thanjavur. 
Phone : 91- 435- 2416976.
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