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History of Kolavilli Ramar Temple
Main Deity - Kolavilli Ramar, sheerapthi Nathan
Goddess - Maragathavalli (Sri Devi, Bhoodevi)
 Sthala Virutcham - Red plantain
 Theertham - Shukra, Parasurama, Brahmma and Indra theerthams

This temple is one of the 18th place of 108 Shri Vaishnava Divya Desham.Vaishnava Sukkira Sthalam (Baargavapuri). This is the only temple where Garuda Bhagwan appears with 4 hands holding discus and conch. In this temple plantain grows on a rock yielding fruits once a year even today. The belief is that worshipping Perumal in this temple equals to worshipping Him in all 108 Divya Desa temples. During the period of vamana Avathar of Maha Vishnu, Maha Vishnu sought three feet of land from emperor Mahabali. When Mahabali was to offer the three feet land to Vamana his guru Shukra took the form of a bee and blocked the handle hole of the water bowl to prevent Mahabali obliging Vamana’s wish.The Lord, removed the bee inside(shukra) with a grass stem to facilitate flow of the water to solemnize the charity. The stick hit one eye of Shukra. He lost vision of that eye. Shukra visited many places to regain the vision of the one eye, finally landed here, worshipped Perumal and got back his vision. Shukra is also called Velli '. Hence, the name of the place Velliangudi.Perumal blesses the devotees in reclining form facing east.

Contact : Sri Kolavilli Ramar temple, Tiruvelliangudi, Thanjavur.
Phone : +91- 435-245 0118, 94433 96212
Travel Information : Thiruvelliyangudi is a village, located on the way of Kumbakonam - Anaikkarai (Lower Anicut) - Chennai Road. One can reach this temple 6 km from Thirupanandal and Cholapuram and 18 km from Kumbakonam.
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