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Swarnapureeswarar Temple - Azhagaputhur
Padikasu Nathar Temple
 Main gopuram
Murugan with Conch & Discus (Sangu & Chakra) 
History : The Main Deity of this temple is Swarnapureeswarar and  his consort at this temple is Alagaammai.Lord Shiva in the temple is a swayambumurthy.Here Lord Muruga blesses the devotees with discus and conch.The Sthalavruksham is vilva.The temple has a three tiered Rajagopuram.Lord Shiva planned  to end the increasing atrocities of the demons, send Lord Muruga to destroy them.  When Muruga began the march, Lord Shiva and Devas offered many powerful weapons to Him. Lord Vishnu gave His discus and conch. With all these weapons, Muruga destroyed the demons. So that Lord  Muruga appears here with  Discus and Conch.
   This is the birth place of Pugazh Thunai Nayanar, one among the celebrated 63 Nayanmars,he carry water for the abishek of Lord Shiva, though very poor, he was determined to continue his puja to Lord.  The place came under drought and a severe famine gripped the place.  Pugazh Thunai Nayanar was not disheartened and continued his service to Lord.  Due to starvation and age, he was too weak and tired to carry the abishek water and fell fainted on the Shivalinga with the abishek water one day.  Lord appeared in his dream and asked what he wished.  Nayanar begged the Lord to help him continue his Shiva puja and protect the people from famine.  Lord promised to give him one coin every day to help the people and continue the puja.With the assistance of Lord, Pugazhthunai Nayanar continued his pujas.  After long years of services to Lord and the people, he attained salvation in this place.  Lord made him one among the celebrated Nayanars.The preist performed 'Paddikassu poojahere, devotees beleive that performing this ritual will bring proserity.  Images of Surya and Chandra are seen at the Rajagopura entrance. The shrine to Shanmukhar is highly revered and it is believed that worshippers are cured of poisonous bites. Other Shrines in this temple are Gajalakshmi, Bhairavar and the Navagrahas, Pugazhtunai Nayanar and others.
Travel Information : 8km from kumbakonam via Nachiyarkovil ( way to thiruvarur road). 
Contact : Arulmigu Padikkasunathar temple, Alagaputhur - 612 401
Ph: +91 -435 -2466939
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