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Mandapa, Linga & Nandhi of Brihadisvara Temple
Maratta Mandapam and Paintings

The Maratta mandapam is an extension of the Subramaniya shrine entrance and forms as Alangara Mandapa. In this mandapa many paintings reveal the Maratta rule and the portrait of the Maratta kings and queens. Painted on the wall in huge scale. As the granite wall is not suitable for painting, the wall is plastered with a thin layer of calcium for the paintings to fix on them firmly. The vibrant colors are used and gold is liberally used in the cloth garments and ornaments in the portraits reveals the luxury of the royal family.

Lingas in Praharam
108 Lingas

Rajaraja-I a great devotee of Lord Shiva even worshipped Navagrahas in the form of Lingas only.

Lingas and Paintings on the Praharam
Navagraha Linga's
Nandhis on wall
Nandhis on the wall around the temple

There are 252 Lingas around the Prahara, circumventing the Sri Vimana four times will result in 1008 Linga Darshan.

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