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Amman shrine
Amman shrine
Ceiling paintings of Maratta period found on Amman shrine

Amman shrine is located on the right side of Nandhi mandapa. The deity Periya nayagi amman was originally installed by Rajaraja-I and later moved to this shrine. This shrine is a built by the Pandian King - Jatavarman Sundrapandian on 13th century. Later the huge entrance with numerous stone pillars were built during Vijayanagar during 15th century. The amman shrines' gopuram is less prominent. The entrance hall ceiling consist of huge stone slabs that is supported by long beams and tall pillars. The ceiling slabs are used as canvas to narrate the divine plays of Lord Shiva painted during the Maratta rule Serfoji (1799-1835 A.D). The pillars exhibit many interesting sculptures including the commonly seen Yali (an extinct animal mostly found on temple sculptures only).

Yali on the stone pillars at Amman shrine
Entrance hall of Amman shrine

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