" Thanjavur Main Gopuram Nandhi
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Main Nandhi
Big Nandhi one can compare the size of the Nandhi with the man passing nearby.
Nandhi behind the flag mast

The Main Nandhi is made up of huge monolithic stone and 13 feet in height. It is housed in a Mandapam with numerous pillars. It is believed that the Nandhi and the mandapam were erected during the Nayaks period. Usually the Nadhi is erected after the flagmast, but here it is erected before the flagmast, such a Nandhi is called Porkala Nandhi or Wartime Nandhi.

Nandhi Mandapam
Flag Mast and Nandhi Mandapam

Gopuram Nandi
The Nandhi (Lord Shiva's Ambassador) in the Sri Vimana is also located in the Southern Praharam.

At the top of the Sri Vimana near the neck of the gopuram there are 8 Nandhis seen very prominently even while standing from the ground. These Nandhis are huge and carved from single stone. A Nandhi of the similar scale is seen on the southern Prahara. One can judge the size of the Nandhi and its relative weight. It is an architectural marvel that 1000 years back Cholas could architect and carry these and could place it accurately using the tools of that age.

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