" Thanjavur Keralaanthakan Gopuram
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Keralaanthakan Gopuram

Front view

Rajaraja-I assumed the title of Keralaanthakan after his victory over Kerala king Baskararavivarma. Keralaanthakan means Yama(god of death) to Kerala rulers(Chera's). This gopuram is named after this title and built during Nayaks period.

In the front side of the gopuram one can see various forms of Shiva - Rudhrathandava pose (a fierce Shiva in dancing form), Shiva with Parvathi, Bichadanar (Shiva as beggar). This is a five stage gopuram.

Rear view

In the rear side of the gopuram one can see Krishna Leela, MahaVishnu in the first stage, Narasimha combating with Hiranyakasibu in one side and Hiranya Samkara on the other side. On the top stage Shiva and Vishnu idols are seen.

Keralaanthakan Gopuram

The Keralaanthakan gopuram is constructed on the same architectural concept of the Srivimana. Firstly, the load is distributed on two huge granite walls and the walls are merged into single structure as it approaches the height. Secondly, the Ball and Lock of the huge granites locks themselves with the neighboring rock, one can see the small projections evenly distributed on the base of the structure. Thirdly, the huge base platform distributes the load to the ground with the minimum foundation depth.

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