" History of Potramarai tank
Temples Mahamham Tank Potramarai Tank

 Located between Sarangapani and Kumbeswara temple at Kumbakonam on Thanjavur route, approximately 2 k.m from new bus-stand.
 Potramarai tank
 During the Pralayam the Puranakumbam (amirtham in a pot - bowl of nectar) moved from Maha meru to south direction and reached Kumbakonam, Shiva in the form of Kirathamurthy (Shiva as hunter) aimed the Puranakumbam with the bow and arrow (Banam in Sanskrit language) and broke it, the bowl split and the Amirtham got stagnated in two places at Portramaraikulam(golden Lotus pond) and Mahamaham tank A Shiva Lingam formed at the place where Kirathamurthy aimed the Amirthakudam. Since the lord used the arrow (Banam) the deity lingam is called Banapureeswarar.
 Equal significance of Mahamaham Tank.
Potramarai tank
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