" Gangaikonda Nandhi and Lion
Temples Cholas Architecture Gangaikonda Sozhapuram Nandhi-lion Entrance
Nandhi, Lion entrance

The Nandhi is located in open place facing the Brihadisvara (Shiva Linga). It is 15 feet in length, 8 feet breadth and 11 feet in height. The Nandhi is constructed using bricks and lime.

South side of NandhiNandhi from the steps
Nandhi which sees the Linga (Main deity) towards the direction of westFlag mast and Bali pita following Nandhi (from left)
Flag mast and Bali pita following Nandhi (rear view)Nandhi from North Praharam and Lion
Lion entrance (Singa Muga Kinaru)

Once upon a time when Banasuran ruled this area, he was unable to reach river Ganges in order to take holy bath. He requested and prayed the goddess Ganges to appear in this well. The majestic view of the Lion entrance and the well were Ganges appeared are connected, the holy water is fetched for Abhisegam for the deities.

A view of Lion entranceThe well and the Lion entrance
Front view of Lion entrancePeople peeping into Singaneer well

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