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Gangaikonda Vimana-Archi-Panoramic
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Vimana Architecture and various views
Main deity resides in the Karpagraham

The basement of Srivimana is 100 feet by 100 feet square structure and the foundation is raised 20 feet height for the ShriVimana.The Srivimana is 180 feet tall and has 8 stage. The 3 lower most stages look similar in size and huge space is found. The top of shiva lingam can be viewed from 2nd stage. There are four similar Nandhi's on the neck of the Vimana. The Copper bowl (kalasam) is of 7 feet in height. The shadow of the Kalasam is made to fall on the Vimana itself and does not appear on the ground during noon time, during the dawn and dusk the shadow disappears to horizon.

South west view West view
North west view South view
North view South east view
East view North east view
Panoramic view/360 degree of the temple
Enjoy the complete panoramic view of Brihadisvara Temple - Gangaikondacholapuram
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